5.17 Miscellaneous commands

M-x cvs-mode-byte-compile-files

Byte compile all selected files that end in .el.

M-x cvs-mode-delete-lock

This command deletes the lock files that the *cvs* buffer informs you about. You should normally never have to use this command, since CVS tries very carefully to always remove the lock files itself.

You can only use this command when a message in the *cvs* buffer tells you so. You should wait a while before using this command in case someone else is running a cvs command.

Also note that this only works if the repository is local.


Show a summary of common command key bindings in the echo area (cvs-help).


Bury the PCL-CVS buffer (cvs-bury-buffer).

M-x cvs-mode-quit

Quit PCL-CVS, killing the *cvs* buffer.