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1 Introduction

Supercite is a GNU Emacs package written entirely in Emacs Lisp. It interfaces to most of the commonly used Emacs mail user agents (MUAs) and news user agents (NUAs), and provides sophisticated facilities for the citing and attributing of message replies. Supercite has a very specific and limited role in the process of composing replies to both USENET network news and electronic mail.

The preferred way to spell Supercite is with a capital ‘S’, lowercase ‘upercite’.

Supercite is only useful in conjunction with MUAs and NUAs such as VM, Gnus, RMAIL, MH-E, etc. Supercite is typically called by the MUA after a reply buffer has been setup. Thereafter, Supercite’s many commands and formatting styles are available in that reply buffer until the reply is sent. Supercite is re-initialized in each new reply buffer.