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Variable Index

Since all supercite variables are prepended with the string “sc-”, each appears under its sc-variable name and its variable name.

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attrib-selection-list (sc-): Attribution Preferences
attrib-selection-list (sc-): Attribution Preferences
attribs-postselect-hook (sc-): Anonymous Attributions
attribs-preselect-hook (sc-): Anonymous Attributions
auto-fill-region-p (sc-): Filling Cited Text

blank-lines-after-headers (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization

citation-delimiter (sc-): Citation Elements
citation-delimiter-regexp (sc-): Recognizing Citations
citation-leader (sc-): Citation Elements
citation-leader-regexp (sc-): Recognizing Citations
citation-nonnested-root-regexp (sc-): Recognizing Citations
citation-root-regexp (sc-): Recognizing Citations
citation-separator (sc-): Citation Elements
citation-separator-regexp (sc-): Recognizing Citations
cite-blank-lines-p (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
cite-region-limit (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
confirm-always-p: Citing Commands
confirm-always-p (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
confirm-always-p (sc-): Anonymous Attributions
confirm-always-p (sc-): Citing Commands

default-attribution (sc-): Anonymous Attributions
default-author-name (sc-): Anonymous Attributions
downcase-p (sc-): Anonymous Attributions

electric-circular-p (sc-): Electric References
electric-mode-hook (sc-): Electric References
electric-references-p (sc-): Electric References

fill-prefix: What Supercite Does
fill-prefix: Filling Cited Text
fixup-whitespace-p (sc-): Filling Cited Text

mail-citation-hook: Getting Connected
mail-citation-hook: Hints to MUA Authors
mail-header-separator: What Supercite Does Not Do
mail-warn-if-non-rfc822-p (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
mail-yank-hooks: Hints to MUA Authors
mode-map-prefix (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
mode-map-prefix (sc-): Post-yank Formatting Commands
mumble (sc-): Information Keys and the Info Alist

name-filter-alist (sc-): Author Names
nested-citation-p (sc-): Citations
nuke-mail-header-list (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
nuke-mail-headers (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization

post-hook (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
pre-cite-hook (sc-): Citing Commands
pre-hook (sc-): Reply Buffer Initialization
preferred-attribution-list (sc-): Selecting an Attribution
preferred-header-style (sc-): Reference Headers
preferred-header-style (sc-): Insertion Commands

reference-tag-string (sc-): The Built-in Header Rewrite Functions
rewrite-header-list (sc-): Reference Headers

sc-attrib-selection-list: Attribution Preferences
sc-attrib-selection-list: Attribution Preferences
sc-attribs-postselect-hook: Anonymous Attributions
sc-attribs-preselect-hook: Anonymous Attributions
sc-auto-fill-region-p: Filling Cited Text
sc-blank-lines-after-headers: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-citation-delimiter: Citation Elements
sc-citation-delimiter-regexp: Recognizing Citations
sc-citation-leader: Citation Elements
sc-citation-leader-regexp: Recognizing Citations
sc-citation-nonnested-root-regexp: Recognizing Citations
sc-citation-root-regexp: Recognizing Citations
sc-citation-separator: Citation Elements
sc-citation-separator-regexp: Recognizing Citations
sc-cite-blank-lines-p: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-cite-frame-alist: Frames You Can Customize
sc-cite-region-limit: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-cite-region-limit: Citing Commands
sc-confirm-always-p: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-confirm-always-p: Anonymous Attributions
sc-confirm-always-p: Citing Commands
sc-confirm-always-p: Citing Commands
sc-default-attribution: Anonymous Attributions
sc-default-author-name: Anonymous Attributions
sc-default-cite-frame: Frames You Can Customize
sc-default-recite-frame: Frames You Can Customize
sc-default-uncite-frame: Frames You Can Customize
sc-downcase-p: Anonymous Attributions
sc-electric-circular-p: Electric References
sc-electric-mode-hook: Electric References
sc-electric-references-p: Electric References
sc-fixup-whitespace-p: Filling Cited Text
sc-mail-field: Frames You Can Customize
sc-mail-warn-if-non-rfc822-p: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-mode-map-prefix: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-mode-map-prefix: Post-yank Formatting Commands
sc-mumble: Information Keys and the Info Alist
sc-name-filter-alist: Author Names
sc-nested-citation-p: Citations
sc-nuke-mail-header: Frames You Can Customize
sc-nuke-mail-header-list: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-nuke-mail-headers: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-post-hook: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-pre-cite-hook: Citing Commands
sc-pre-hook: Reply Buffer Initialization
sc-preferred-attribution-list: Selecting an Attribution
sc-preferred-header-style: Reference Headers
sc-preferred-header-style: Insertion Commands
sc-recite-frame-alist: Frames You Can Customize
sc-reference-tag-string: The Built-in Header Rewrite Functions
sc-rewrite-header-list: Reference Headers
sc-titlecue-regexp: Author Names
sc-uncite-frame-alist: Frames You Can Customize
sc-use-only-preference-p: Anonymous Attributions

titlecue-regexp (sc-): Author Names

use-only-preference-p (sc-): Anonymous Attributions

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