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9.3 Variable Toggling Shortcuts

Supercite defines a number of commands that make it easier for you to toggle and set various Supercite variables as you are editing the reply buffer. For example, you may want to turn off filling or whitespace cleanup, but only temporarily. These toggling shortcut commands make this easy to do.

Like Supercite commands in general, the toggling commands are placed on a keymap prefix within the greater Supercite keymap. For the default value of sc-mode-map-prefix, this will be C-c C-p C-t.

The following commands toggle the value of certain Supercite variables which take only a binary value:

C-c C-p C-t b
Toggles the variable sc-mail-nuke-blank-lines-p.
C-c C-p C-t c
Toggles the variable sc-confirm-always-p.
C-c C-p C-t d
Toggles the variable sc-downcase-p.
C-c C-p C-t e
Toggles the variable sc-electric-references-p.
C-c C-p C-t f
Toggles the variable sc-auto-fill-region-p.
C-c C-p C-t o
Toggles the variable sc-electric-circular-p.
C-c C-p C-t s
Toggles the variable sc-nested-citation-p.
C-c C-p C-t u
Toggles the variable sc-use-only-preferences-p.
C-c C-p C-t w
Toggles the variable sc-fixup-whitespace-p.

The following commands let you set the value of multi-value variables, in the same way that Emacs's set-variable does:

C-c C-p C-t a
Sets the value of the variable sc-preferred-attribution-list.
C-c C-p C-t l
Sets the value of the variable sc-cite-region-limit.
C-c C-p C-t n
Sets the value of the variable sc-mail-nuke-mail-headers.
C-c C-p C-t N
Sets the value of the variable sc-mail-header-nuke-list.
C-c C-p C-t p
Sets the value of the variable sc-preferred-header-style.

One special command is provided to toggle both sc-auto-fill-region-p and sc-fixup-whitespace-p together. This is because you typically want to run Supercite with either variable as nil or non-nil. The command to toggle these variables together is bound on C-c C-p C-p.

Finally, the command C-c C-p C-t h (also C-c C-p C-t ?) brings up a Help message on the toggling keymap.