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3.6 Customizing SES

By default, a newly-created spreadsheet has 1 row and 1 column. The column width is 7 and the default printer is ‘"%.7g"’. Each of these can be customized. Look in group “ses”.

After entering a cell value, point normally moves right to the next cell. You can customize ses-after-entry-functions to move left or up or down. For diagonal movement, select two functions from the list.

ses-mode-hook is a normal mode hook (list of functions to execute when starting SES mode for a buffer).

The variable safe-functions is a list of possibly-unsafe functions to be treated as safe when analyzing formulas and printers. See Virus protection. Before customizing safe-functions, think about how much you trust the person who’s suggesting this change. The value t turns off all anti-virus protection. A list-of-functions value might enable a “gee whiz” spreadsheet, but it also creates trapdoors in your anti-virus armor. In order for virus protection to work, you must always press n when presented with a virus warning, unless you understand what the questionable code is trying to do. Do not listen to those who tell you to customize enable-local-eval—this variable is for people who don’t wear safety belts!