2 Sieve Mode

Sieve mode provides syntax-based indentation, font-locking support and other handy functions to make editing Sieve scripts easier.

Use ‘M-x sieve-mode’ to switch to this major mode. This command runs the hook sieve-mode-hook.

Sieve mode is derived from c-mode, and is very similar except for the syntax of comments. The keymap (sieve-mode-map) is inherited from c-mode, as are the variables for customizing indentation. Sieve mode has its own abbrev table (sieve-mode-abbrev-table) and syntax table (sieve-mode-syntax-table).

In addition to the editing utility functions, Sieve mode also contains bindings to manage Sieve scripts remotely. See Managing Sieve.


Open a connection to a remote server using the Manage Sieve protocol.

C-c C-l

Upload the Sieve script to the currently open server.