6 Reporting Bugs and Problems

TRAMP’s development team is actively engaged in solving bugs and problems and looks to feature requests and suggestions.

TRAMP’s mailing list is the place for more advice and information on working with TRAMP, solving problems, discussing, and general discussions about TRAMP.

TRAMP’s mailing list is moderated but even non-subscribers can post for moderator approval. Sometimes this approval step may take as long as 48 hours due to public holidays.

is the mailing list. Messages sent to this address go to all the subscribers. This is not the address to send subscription requests to.

To subscribe to the mailing list, visit: the TRAMP Mail Subscription Page.

Check if the bug or problem is already addressed in See Frequently Asked Questions.

Run M-x tramp-bug RET to generate a buffer with details of the system along with the details of the TRAMP installation. Please include these details with the bug report.

The bug report must describe in as excruciating detail as possible the steps required to reproduce the problem. These details must include the setup of the remote host and any special or unique conditions that exist.

Include a minimal test case that reproduces the problem. This will help the development team find the best solution and avoid unrelated detours.

To exclude cache-related problems, flush all caches before running the test, Cleanup remote connections. Alternatively, and often better for analysis, reproduce the problem in a clean Emacs session started with emacs -Q. Then, TRAMP does not load the persistency file (see Reusing connection related information), and it does not use passwords from auth-source.el (see Reusing passwords for several connections). The latter does not happen for the sudoedit method, otherwise it would be unusable.

If you use the GNU ELPA version of TRAMP, you must load it explicitly, because emacs -Q ignores installed ELPA packages. Call (version number adapted)

$ emacs -Q -l ~/.emacs.d/elpa/tramp-

When including TRAMP’s messages in the bug report, increase the verbosity level to 6 (see Traces) in the ~/.emacs file before repeating steps to the bug. Include the contents of the *tramp/foo* and *debug tramp/foo* buffers with the bug report. Both buffers could contain non-ASCII characters which are relevant for analysis, append the buffers as attachments to the bug report. This is also needed in order to avoid line breaks during mail transfer.

If you send the message from Emacs, you are asked about to append these buffers to the bug report. If you use an external mail program, you must save these buffers to files, and append them with that mail program.

Note that a verbosity level greater than 6 is not necessary at this stage. Also note that a verbosity level of 6 or greater, the contents of files and directories will be included in the debug buffer. Passwords typed in TRAMP will never be included there.