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6 Reporting Bugs and Problems

Bugs and problems with TRAMP are actively worked on by the development team. Feature requests and suggestions are also more than welcome.

The TRAMP mailing list is a great place to get information on working with TRAMP, solving problems and general discussion and advice on topics relating to the package. It is moderated so non-subscribers can post but messages will be delayed, possibly up to 48 hours (or longer in case of holidays), until the moderator approves your message.

The mailing list is at Messages sent to this address go to all the subscribers. This is not the address to send subscription requests to.

Subscribing to the list is performed via the TRAMP Mail Subscription Page.

To report a bug in TRAMP, you should execute M-x tramp-bug. This will automatically generate a buffer with the details of your system and TRAMP version.

When submitting a bug report, please try to describe in excruciating detail the steps required to reproduce the problem, the setup of the remote host and any special conditions that exist. You should also check that your problem is not described already in See Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can identify a minimal test case that reproduces the problem, include that with your bug report. This will make it much easier for the development team to analyze and correct the problem.

Sometimes, there might be also problems due to Tramp caches. Flush all caches before running the test, Cleanup remote connections.

Before reporting the bug, you should set the verbosity level to 6 (see Traces) in the ~/.emacs file and repeat the bug. Then, include the contents of the *tramp/foo* and *debug tramp/foo* buffers in your bug report. A verbosity level greater than 6 will produce a very huge debug buffer, which is mostly not necessary for the analysis.

Please be aware that, with a verbosity level of 6 or greater, the contents of files and directories will be included in the debug buffer. Passwords you’ve typed will never be included there.

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