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Index Entry  Section

.login file: Remote shell setup
.profile file: Remote shell setup

adb method: External methods
afp method: GVFS based methods
android shell setup: Android shell setup
auto-save: Auto-save and Backup

backup: Auto-save and Backup
base-64 encoding: Inline methods
behind the scenes: Overview
bug reports: Bug Reports

caching: Connection caching
choosing the right method: Default Method
cleanup: Cleanup remote connections
compile: Remote processes
configuration: Configuration
connection types, overview: Connection types
create your own methods: Customizing Methods
customizing completion: Customizing Completion
customizing methods: Customizing Methods
Cygwin and ssh-agent: Windows setup hints
Cygwin, issues: Windows setup hints

dav method: GVFS based methods
davs method: GVFS based methods
dbus: GVFS based methods
default configuration: Configuration
default host: Default Host
default method: Default Method
default user: Default User
details of operation: Overview
development history: History

eshell: Remote processes
external methods: Connection types
external methods: External methods

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
fcp (with fcp method): External methods
fcp method: External methods
file name completion: File name completion
file name examples: File name Syntax
file name syntax: File name Syntax
frequently asked questions: Frequently Asked Questions
fsh (with fcp method): External methods
fsh method: External methods
ftp method: External methods

gateway methods: Gateway methods
gdb: Remote processes
gud: Remote processes
gvfs based methods: GVFS based methods

history: History
how it works: Overview

inline methods: Connection types
inline methods: Inline methods

Kerberos (with krlogin method): Inline methods
Kerberos (with ksu method): Inline methods
krlogin method: Inline methods
ksu method: Inline methods

method adb: External methods
method afp: GVFS based methods
method dav: GVFS based methods
method davs: GVFS based methods
method fcp: External methods
method fsh: External methods
method ftp: External methods
method krlogin: Inline methods
method ksu: Inline methods
method nc: External methods
method obex: GVFS based methods
method plink: Inline methods
method plinkx: Inline methods
method pscp: External methods
method psftp: External methods
method rcp: External methods
method rsh: Inline methods
method rsync: External methods
method scp: External methods
method scpx: External methods
method scpx with Cygwin: Windows setup hints
method sftp: GVFS based methods
method smb: External methods
method socks: Gateway methods
method ssh: Inline methods
method sshx: Inline methods
method sshx with Cygwin: Windows setup hints
method su: Inline methods
method sudo: Inline methods
method synce: GVFS based methods
method telnet: Inline methods
method tunnel: Gateway methods
methods, external: Connection types
methods, external: External methods
methods, gateway: Gateway methods
methods, gvfs: GVFS based methods
methods, inline: Connection types
methods, inline: Inline methods
mimencode: Inline methods
multi-hop: Multi-hops
multi-hop, ad-hoc: Ad-hoc multi-hops

nc (with nc method): External methods
nc method: External methods
nc Unix command: Remote shell setup

obex method: GVFS based methods
obtaining Tramp: Obtaining Tramp
overview: Overview

passwords: Password handling
perldb: Remote processes
plink (with pscp method): External methods
plink (with psftp method): External methods
plink method: Inline methods
plinkx method: Inline methods
powershell: Remote processes
proxy hosts: Multi-hops
proxy hosts, ad-hoc: Ad-hoc multi-hops
pscp (with pscp method): External methods
pscp (with psftp method): External methods
pscp method: External methods
psftp method: External methods
PuTTY (with pscp method): External methods
PuTTY (with psftp method): External methods

rcp (with rcp method): External methods
rcp method: External methods
recompile: Remote processes
remote shell setup: Remote shell setup
rsh (with rcp method): External methods
rsh method: Inline methods
rsync (with rsync method): External methods
rsync method: External methods

scp (with scp method): External methods
scp (with scpx method): External methods
scp method: External methods
scpx method: External methods
scpx method with Cygwin: Windows setup hints
selecting config files: Customizing Completion
sftp method: GVFS based methods
shell: Remote processes
shell init files: Remote shell setup
shell-command: Remote processes
smb method: External methods
socks method: Gateway methods
ssh (with rsync method): External methods
ssh (with scp method): External methods
ssh (with scpx method): External methods
ssh method: Inline methods
sshx method: Inline methods
sshx method with Cygwin: Windows setup hints
SSH_AUTH_SOCK and Emacs on Windows: Windows setup hints
su method: Inline methods
sudo method: Inline methods
synce method: GVFS based methods

telnet (with nc method): External methods
telnet method: Inline methods
tset Unix command: Remote shell setup
tunnel method: Gateway methods
type-ahead: Usage

Unix command nc: Remote shell setup
Unix command tset: Remote shell setup
using non-standard methods: Customizing Methods
using TRAMP: Usage
uuencode: Inline methods

winexe: Remote processes

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