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4.8 Selecting a default host

When host name is omitted, tramp substitutes the value from the tramp-default-host variable. It is initially populated with the local hostname where Emacs is running. Both the default user and default host can be overridden as follows:

     (setq tramp-default-user "john"
           tramp-default-host "target")

With both defaults set, ‘/ssh::’ will connect tramp to John's home directory on target.

Note/::’ won't work, because ‘/:’ is the prefix for quoted file names.

Instead of a single default host, tramp-default-host-alist allows multiple default host values based on access method or user name combinations. The alist can hold multiple values. While tramp-default-host is sufficient in most cases, some methods, like adb, require defaults overwritten.

See the documentation for the variable tramp-default-host-alist for more details.