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4.5 Gateway methods

Gateway methods are not methods to access a remote host directly. These methods are intended to pass firewalls or proxy servers. Therefore, they can be used for proxy host declarations (see Multi-hops) only.

A gateway method must always come along with a method which supports port setting. This is because TRAMP targets the accompanied method to localhost#random_port, from where the firewall or proxy server is accessed.

Gateway methods support user name and password declarations. These are used to authenticate towards the corresponding firewall or proxy server. They can be passed only if your friendly administrator has granted your access.


This method implements an HTTP tunnel via the CONNECT command (see RFC 2616, 2817). Any HTTP 1.1 compliant (proxy) server shall support this command.

As authentication method, only Basic Authentication (see RFC 2617) is implemented so far. If no port number is given in the declaration, port 8080 is used for the proxy server.


The socks method provides access to SOCKSv5 servers (see RFC 1928). Username/Password Authentication according to RFC 1929 is supported.

The default port number of the socks server is 1080, if not specified otherwise.