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4.1.1 Cookies

Function: url-cookie-list

This command creates a *url cookies* buffer listing the current cookies, if there are any. You can remove a cookie using the C-k (url-cookie-delete) command.

Function: url-cookie-delete-cookies &optional regexp

This function takes a regular expression as its parameters and deletes all cookies from that domain. If regexp is nil, delete all cookies.

User Option: url-cookie-file

The file in which cookies are stored, defaulting to cookies in the directory specified by url-configuration-directory.

User Option: url-cookie-confirmation

Specifies whether confirmation is required to accept cookies.

User Option: url-cookie-multiple-line

Specifies whether to put all cookies for the server on one line in the HTTP request to satisfy broken servers.

User Option: url-cookie-trusted-urls

A list of regular expressions matching URLs from which to accept cookies always.

User Option: url-cookie-untrusted-urls

A list of regular expressions matching URLs from which to reject cookies always.

User Option: url-cookie-save-interval

The number of seconds between automatic saves of cookies to disk. Default is one hour.