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6 Customization

The following environment variables affect the url library’s operation at startup.


If this is defined, url-temporary-directory is initialized from it.

The following user options affect the general operation of url library.

User Option: url-configuration-directory

The value of this variable specifies the name of the directory where the url library stores its various configuration files, cache files, etc.

The default value specifies a subdirectory named url/ in the standard Emacs user data directory specified by the variable user-emacs-directory (normally ~/.emacs.d). However, the old default was ~/.url, and this directory is used instead if it exists.

User Option: url-debug

Specifies the types of debug messages which are logged to the *URL-DEBUG* buffer. t means log all messages. A number means log all messages and show them with message. It may also be a list of the types of messages to be logged.

User Option: url-personal-mail-address
User Option: url-privacy-level
User Option: url-uncompressor-alist
User Option: url-passwd-entry-func
User Option: url-standalone-mode
User Option: url-bad-port-list
User Option: url-max-password-attempts
User Option: url-temporary-directory
User Option: url-show-status
User Option: url-confirmation-func

The function to use for asking yes or no functions. This is normally either y-or-n-p or yes-or-no-p, but could be another function taking a single argument (the prompt) and returning t only if an affirmative answer is given.

User Option: url-gateway-method

A symbol specifying the type of gateway support to use for connections from the local machine. The supported methods are:


Run telnet in a subprocess to connect;


Rlogin to another machine to connect;


Connect through a socks server;


Connect with SSL;


Connect directly.

User Option: url-user-agent

The User Agent string used for sending HTTP/HTTPS requests. The value should be a string or a function of no arguments that returns a string. The default value is ‘User-Agent: package-name URL/Emacs, where package-name is the value of url-package-name and its version, if they are non-nil.

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