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2.9.4 Change Commands

Most commonly used change command takes the following form.

c motion-command
Replace the content of the region determined by the motion command motion-command by the text you type. If the motion command is a point command then you will type the text into minibuffer, and if the motion command is a line command then the region will be deleted first and you can insert the text in insert mode.
For example, if point is at the beginning of a word ‘foo’ and you wish to change it to ‘bar’, you can type c w. Then, as w is a point command, you will get the prompt ‘foo =>’ in the minibuffer, for which you can type b a r <RET> to complete the change command.
c c
Change a line. Given a count, that many lines are changed.
c r
Change current region.
c R
Expand current region and change it.