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4.1 Customizing Constants

An easy way to customize VIP is to change the values of constants used in VIP. Here is the list of the constants used in VIP and their default values.

vip-shift-width 8
The number of columns shifted by > and < command.
vip-re-replace nil
If t then do regexp replace, if nil then do string replace.
vip-search-wrap-around t
If t, search wraps around the buffer.
vip-re-search nil
If t then search is reg-exp search, if nil then vanilla search.
vip-case-fold-search nil
If t search ignores cases.
vip-re-query-replace nil
If t then do reg-exp replace in query replace.
vip-open-with-indent nil
If t then indent to the previous current line when open a new line by o or O command.
vip-tags-file-name "TAGS"
The name of the file used as the tags table.
vip-help-in-insert-mode nil
If t then C-h is bound to help-command in insert mode, if nil then it sis bound to delete-backward-char.
You can reset these constants in VIP by the Ex command set. Or you can include a line like this in your ~/.emacs.d/vip file:
     (setq vip-case-fold-search t)