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4.8 Emacs Related Commands

Begin Meta command in Vi or Insert states. Most often used as C-\ x (M-x).

Note: Emacs binds C-\ to a function that offers to change the keyboard input method in the multilingual environment. Viper overrides this binding. However, it is still possible to switch the input method by typing \ C-\ in the Vi command state and C-z \ C-\ in the Insert state. Or you can use the MULE menu on the menubar.

In Insert and Replace states, prepare Viper to accept the next command and execute it as if Viper was in Vi state. Then return to Insert state.

In Vi state, switch to Emacs state; in Emacs state, switch to Vi state.

C-c \
Switches to Vi state for the duration of a single command. Then goes back to the original Viper state. Works from Vi, Insert, Replace, and Emacs states.
Close Window
Close Other Windows
Split Window
Move among windows
Emacs find-file, useful in Insert state
Put back the last killed text. Similar to Vi's p, but also works in Insert and Replace state. This command doesn't work in Vi command state, since this binding is taken for something else.
Undoes the last C-y and puts another kill from the kill ring. Using this command, you can try may different kills until you find the one you need.