4.5 Mapping

:map <string>

Start defining a Vi-style keyboard macro. For instance, typing :map www followed by :!wc % and then typing C-x ) will cause www to run wc on current file (Vi replaces ‘%’ with the current file name).

C-x )

Finish defining a keyboard macro. In Viper, this command completes the process of defining all keyboard macros, whether they are Emacs-style or Vi-style. This is a departure from Vi, needed to allow WYSIWYG mapping of keyboard macros and to permit the use of function keys and arbitrary Emacs functions in the macros.

:unmap <string>

Deprive <string> of its mappings in Vi state.

:map! <string>

Map a macro for Insert state.

:unmap! <string>

Deprive <string> of its mapping in Insert state (see :unmap).


In Vi state, execute the contents of register as a command.


In Vi state, repeat last register command.


In Vi state, begin keyboard macro. End with @<a-z>. This will put the macro in the proper register. Register will be automatically down-cased. See Macros and Registers, for more info.


In Vi state, yank anonymous macro to register


In Vi state, execute anonymous macro (defined by C-x( and C-x )).

C-x e

Like *, but works in all Viper states.


Execute the last keyboard macro for each line in the region. See Macros and Registers, for more info.


Show contents of textmarker.


Show contents of register.