13 Customization

This chapter is about the customization options for the Widget library, for the end user.

Face: widget-field-face

Face used for other editing fields.

Face: widget-button-face

Face used for buttons.

User Option: widget-mouse-face

Face used for highlighting a button when the mouse pointer moves across it.

The default value is highlight.

User Option: widget-image-directory

Directory where Widget should look for images.

Widget will look here for a file with the same name as specified for the image, with either a .xpm (if supported) or .xbm extension.

User Option: widget-image-enable

If non-nil, allow images to appear on displays where they are supported.

User Option: widget-image-conversion

An alist to convert symbols from image formats to file name suffixes.

Each element is a cons cell (format . suffix), where format is a symbol that represents an image format and suffix is its correspondent suffix.

User Option: widget-button-prefix

String to prefix buttons.

User Option: widget-button-suffix

String to suffix buttons.

User Option: widget-push-button-prefix

String to prefix push buttons.

User Option: widget-push-button-suffix

String to suffix push buttons.

String to prefix links.

String to suffix links.

User Option: widget-choice-toggle

If non-nil, toggle when there are just two options.

By default, its value is nil.

If non-nil, add hyperlinks to documentation strings.

A regexp that matches potential links in documentation strings. The link itself should match to the first group.

A predicate function to test if a string is useful as a link. The function is called with one argument, a string, and should return non-nil if there should be a link for that string.

By default, the value is intern-soft.

A symbol that represents a widget type to use for links in documentation strings.

By default, the value is documentation-link.

User Option: widget-menu-max-size

Maximum size for a popup menu. By default, its value is 40.

If a function ask you to choose from a menu that is larger than this value, it will use the minibuffer.

User Option: widget-menu-max-shortcuts

Largest number of items for which it works to choose one with a character.

For a larger number, use the minibuffer.

User Option: widget-menu-minibuffer-flag

Whether to use the minibuffer to ask for a choice.

If nil, the default, read a single character.