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6.1 The Constant Widgets

The const widget can contain any Lisp expression, but the user is prohibited from editing it, which is mainly useful as a component of one of the composite widgets.

The syntax for the const widget is:

     type ::= (const [keyword argument]...  [ value ])

The value, if present, is used to initialize the :value property and can be any s-expression.

— Widget: const

This will display any valid s-expression in an immutable part of the buffer.

There are two variations of the const widget, namely variable-item and function-item. These should contain a symbol with a variable or function binding. The major difference from the const widget is that they will allow the user to see the variable or function documentation for the symbol.

— Widget: variable-item

An immutable symbol that is bound as a variable.

— Widget: function-item

An immutable symbol that is bound as a function.