8.1.22 The editable-list Widget


type ::= (editable-list [keyword argument]... type)

A widget that can hold a variable list of widgets of the same type, represented by type. Its super is the default widget.

It either overrides or adds the following properties:


As other composite widgets, a function that takes care of converting each type in type.


A function to copy the types given in type.


This string will be inserted for each entry in the list. The following ‘%’ escapes are available:


This will be replaced with the buffer representation of the type widget.


Insert the [INS] button, a widget of type insert-button.


Insert the [DEL] button, a widget of type delete-button.


Insert a literal ‘%’.


A list of keyword arguments to pass to the insert buttons.


A list of keyword arguments to pass to the delete buttons.


A list of keyword arguments to pass to the trailing insert button.


The widgets representing the insert and delete buttons.


By default, insert its value and at the and adds an insert button.

This is useful so that new elements can be added to the list upon user request.


A function that recognize the escape for inserting an insert button.


By default, this widget has an offset of 12.


The widgets representing the elements of the list.


List whose CAR is the type of the list elements.


Function to insert a new widget as a child of the editable-list widget.

This function inserts a recently deleted child, if there is one. That is useful, so that the user can move elements in a list easily. If there is not a recently deleted child, it inserts a child with its default value.


Function to delete a child from the widget, and store it into the :last-deleted list, so that it can be reinserted when the :insert-before function executes.


The function that takes care of inserting all values.


Function that returns a list with the value of the child widgets.


This widget validates if all children validate.


To match, the value must be a list and all the list members must match the specified type.


Like the :match function, but taking into account inline values and widgets.