2.4.1 Grammar debugging

To help writing a new grammar, wisent-compile-grammar can produce a verbose report containing a detailed description of the grammar and parser (equivalent to what Bison reports with the --verbose option).

To enable the verbose report you can set to non-nil the variable:

Option: wisent-verbose-flag

non-nil means to report verbose information on generated parser.

Or interactively use the command:

Command: wisent-toggle-verbose-flag

Toggle whether to report verbose information on generated parser.

The verbose report is printed in the temporary buffer *wisent-log* when running interactively, or in file wisent.output when running in batch mode. Different reports are separated from each other by a line like this:

*** Wisent source-file - 2002-06-27 17:33

where source-file is the name of the Emacs Lisp file from which the grammar was read. See Understanding the automaton, for details on the verbose report.

Please Note

To help debugging the grammar compiler itself, you can set this variable to print the content of some internal data structures:

Variable: wisent-debug-flag

non-nil means enable some debug stuff.