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9 Acknowledgments

For Heather, Kathryn and Madelyn, the women in my life (although they will probably never use it)!

I also thank the following for helpful suggestions, bug reports, code fragments, general interest, etc.:

Jari Aalto, Dean Andrews, Juanma Barranquero, Karl Berry, Jim Chapman, Frederic Corne, Peter Craft, Charles Curley, Jim Davidson, Kevin D’Elia, John Fitch, Hans Frosch, Guy Gascoigne-Piggford, Brian Gorka, Nicolai Henriksen, Thomas Herchenroeder, Alexander Hinds, Stefan Hornburg, Theodore Jump, Paul Kinnucan, Jonas Linde, Andrew McRae, Howard Melman, Dennis Pixton, T. V. Raman, Bruce Ravel, Benjamin Riefenstahl, Kevin Ruland, Tom Schutter, Wei-Xue Shi, Fabio Somenzi, Karel Sprenger, Chris Szurgot, Paul A. Thompson, Arrigo Triulzi, Geoff Voelker, Eli Zaretskii