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5.4 Special symbols

This section currently applies only to Microsoft Windows.

WoMan provides partial experimental support for special symbols, initially only for MS-Windows and only for MS-Windows fonts. This includes both non-ASCII characters from the main text font and use of a separate symbol font. Later, support will be added for other font types (e.g., bdf fonts) and for the X Window System. In Emacs 20.7, the current support works partially under Windows 9x but may not work on any other platform.


A boolean value. If non-nil then WoMan may use non-ASCII characters from the default font. Default is t.


A boolean value. If non-nil then WoMan may use the symbol font. Default is nil, mainly because it may change the line spacing (at least in NTEmacs 20).


A string describing the symbol font to use for special characters. It should be compatible with, and the same size as, the default text font. Under MS-Windows, the default is