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9.3 Core Functions

The core file also defines all the functions important to the basic use of Emms.

There are functions which deal with movement in the playlist.

— Function: emms-next-noerror

Start playing the next track in the Emms playlist. Unlike emms-next, this function doesn't signal an error when called at the end of the playlist. This function should only be called when no player is playing. This is a good function to put in emms-player-finished-hook.

— Function: emms-playlist-next

Move to the previous track in the current buffer.

— Function: emms-playlist-previous

Move to the previous track in the current buffer.

— Function: emms-random

Jump to a random track.

— Function: emms-toggle-repeat-playlist

Toggle whether emms repeats the playlist after it is done. See emms-repeat-playlist.

— Function: emms-toggle-repeat-track

Toggle whether emms repeats the current track. See emms-repeat-track.

— Function: emms-toggle-random-playlist

Toggle whether emms plays the tracks randomly or sequentially. See


Some functions deal with the getting and setting track information.

— Function: emms-track type name

Create a track with type type and name name.

— Function: emms-track-type track

Return the type of track.

— Function: emms-track-name track

Return the name of track.

— Function: emms-track-get name track &optional inexistent

Return the value of name for track. If there is no value, return default (or nil, if not given).

— Function: emms-track-set track name value

Set the value of name for track to value.

— Function: emms-track-description track

Return a description of track. This function uses emms-track-description-function.

— Function: emms-player-for track

Return an Emms player capable of playing track. This will be the first player whose PLAYABLEP function returns non-nil, or nil if no such player exists.

— Function: emms-playlist-current-selected-track

Return the currently selected track in the current playlist.

There are also functions which deal with the playing itself.

— Function: emms-player-start track

Start playing track.

— Function: emms-player-stop

Stop the currently playing player.

— Function: emms-player-stopped

Declare that the current Emms player is finished. This should only be done by the current player itself.

— Function: emms-seek seconds

Seek the current player seconds seconds. This can be a floating point number for sub-second fractions. It can also be negative to seek backwards.

— Function: emms-seek-forward

Seek ten seconds forward.

— Function: emms-seek-backward

Seek ten seconds backward.

For more basic commands defined in the core file see See Basic Commands.