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24 Emms Mode Line

We can display information about the currenty playing track on the Emacs mode line using the package `emms-mode-line' which is provided by the file emms-mode-line.el.

To activate this feature invoke:

     (require 'emms-mode-line)
     (emms-mode-line 1)

It is also possible to display the amount of time a track has been playing. This feature is defined in the `emms-playing-time' package which is provided by the file emms-playing-time.el.

To use this feature invoke:

     (require 'emms-playing-time)
     (emms-playing-time 1)

Note: `(emms-playing-time -1)' will disable emms-playing-time module completely, and is not recommended. (since some other emms modules may rely on it)

Instead, to toggle displaying playing time on mode line, one could call `emms-playing-time-enable-display' and `emms-playing-time-disable-display'."

— Function: emms-playing-time-enable-display

Display playing time on mode line.

— Function: emms-playing-time-disable-display

Remove playing time from mode line.