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9.2 Hooks

The core file provides hook variables for the basic functionality of Emms.

— User Option: emms-player-started-hook

A hook run when an Emms player started playing.

— User Option: emms-player-stopped-hook

A hook run when an Emms player stopped playing. See also emms-player-finished-hook.

— User Option: emms-playlist-source-inserted-hook

Hook run when a source got inserted into the playlist. The buffer is narrowed to the new tracks.

— User Option: emms-playlist-selection-changed-hook

Hook run after another track is selected in the Emms playlist.

— User Option: emms-playlist-cleared-hook

Hook run after the current Emms playlist is cleared. This happens both when the playlist is cleared and when a new buffer is created for it.

— User Option: emms-player-finished-hook

Hook run when an Emms player finishes playing a track. Please pay attention to the differences between emms-player-finished-hook and emms-player-stopped-hook. The former is called only when the player is stopped interactively; the latter, only when the player actually finishes playing a track.

— User Option: emms-player-paused-hook

Hook run when a player is paused or resumed. Use emms-player-paused-p to find the current state.