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26 Lyrics

We can display the lyrics of a song in time with the music using the `emms-lyrics' package provided by the file emms-lyrics.el.

The lyrics files should have the extention “.lrc”, and can be placed under either the same directory as the music files or emms-lyrics-dir.

To add this feature we invoke:

     (require 'emms-lyrics)
     (emms-lyrics 1)

There are a number of variables we can set to define the way that `emms-lyrics' behaves, we can set these directly or by using the Customize feature in Emacs.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-display-on-minibuffer

If non-nil, display lyrics on minibuffer.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-display-on-modeline

If non-nil, display lyrics on modeline.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-dir

Local lyrics repository. emms-lyrics-find-lyric will look for lyrics in current directory(i.e., same as the music file) and this directory.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-display-format

Format for displaying lyrics. "%s" will be replaced by the lyrics string.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-coding-system

Coding system used in the output of lyrics.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-scroll-p

Non-nil value will enable lyrics scrolling.

— User Option: emms-lyrics-scroll-timer-interval

Interval between scroller timers. The shorter, the faster.

We can control `emms-lyrics' with the help of the following functions:

— Function: emms-lyrics-start

Start displaying lyrics.

— Function: emms-lyrics-stop

Stop displaying lyrics.

— Function: emms-lyrics-toggle-display-on-minibuffer

Toggle display lyrics on minibufer.

— Function: emms-lyrics-toggle-display-on-modeline

Toggle display lyrics on mode line.

— Function: emms-lyrics-enable

Enable displaying Emms lyrics.

— Function: emms-lyrics-disable

Disable displaying Emms lyrics.

— Function: emms-lyrics-toggle

Toggle displaying Emms lyrics.