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15 Markable Playlists

The Markable Playlists provided by the file emms-mark.el are an alternative to the default interactive playlists, See Interactive Playlists. They allow marking tracks with keybindings familiar to users of dired.

To enable the Markable Playlists you have to add

     (require 'emms-mark)

to your .emacs. Then you can activate emms-mark-mode by executing M-x emms-mark-mode in a playlist buffer. You can return to the default interactive playlist mode with M-x emms-mark-mode-disable.

If you wish to make this the default EMMS playlist mode, add the following to your .emacs.

     (setq emms-playlist-default-major-mode 'emms-mark-mode)
Marks the current track and sets point one line forward. If a prefix argument ARG is given, it will mark the next ARG tracks and set point accordingly. A negative argument marks backward.
Unmarks all tracks in the playlist.
Toggles mark on the current track.
Unmarks same way as emms-mark-forward marks.
% m
Marks all tracks in the playlist matching the given regular expression. A prefix argument means to unmark them instead.

When tracks are marked you can operate on them:

Deletes the marked tracks from the playlist.
Deletes the marked tracks from the playlist and places them in the kill-ring, so that you can yank in into another playlist.
Adds the marked tracks to the kill-ring, so that you can yank them into another playlist.

emms-mark is also intent to provide a way for user to select tracks for other command to operate on them. Currently, emms-tag-editor.el used the emms-mark to edit tags of selected tracks. Two function is useful for elisp programer to handle marked tracks.

— Function: emms-mark-do-with-marked-track

This function take a function to perform on all marked tracks. A optional argument `move-flag' to tell the function to move forward line after calling given function. If the given function didn't change position, the second argument should set to non-nil.

— Function: emms-mark-mapcar-marked-track

This function is very similar to `emms-mark-do-with-marked-track' except it collects result of given function (that's why named with `mapcar').