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22 Persistent Playlists

The Emms module emms-history.el makes playlists persistent over emacs sessions. To make use of this feature put this into your ~/.emacs.

     (require 'emms-history)

When you kill emacs all playlists will be saved in the file given by the variable:

— User Option: emms-history-file

The file to save playlists in. It defaults to "~/.emacs.d/emms-history".

After you started up emacs again, you can restore all saved playlists with this function.

— Function: emms-history-load

Restore all playlists in `emms-history-file'.

If that should be done automatically on each startup, put these lines into your ~/.emacs.

     (require 'emms-history)

Normally emms-history only restores playlists. If you want it to start playback afterwards, you can tweak this variable.

— User Option: emms-history-start-playing

If non-nil emms starts playing the current track after `emms-history-load' was invoked. The default value is nil.