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12 Playlists

Emms uses Emacs buffers to store the media tracks for playing. We call one such buffer a “playlist buffer” or an “Emms playlist buffer”. Emms then proceeds to play the media tracks in the buffer from top to bottom until the end of the playlist.

The name of the playlist buffer is defined in the variable emms-playlist-buffer-name and is set to be an invisible Emacs buffer by default. You can change to any name you want. For an example configuration see See Configuration.

You can create any number of playlist buffers you wish. At any time Emms has a single “current” buffer through which it proceeds track by track.

— Function: emms-playlist-new &optional name

Create a new playlist buffer. The buffer is named name, but made unique. name defaults to `emms-playlist-buffer-name'. If called interactively, the new buffer is also selected.

— Function: emms-playlist-save &optional format file

Store the current playlist to FILE as the type FORMAT. The default format is specified by emms-source-playlist-default-format.

The current Emms playlist buffer is stored in the variable emms-playlist-buffer.