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11 Simple Players

— Macro: define-emms-simple-player name types regex command &rest args

Define a simple player with the use of `emms-define-player'. name is used to construct the name of the function like emms-player-name. types is a list of track types understood by this player. regex must be a regexp that matches the filenames the player can play. command specifies the command line argument to call the player and args are the command line arguments.

For a discussion on how to define new players see See New Player.

— Function: emms-player-simple-stop

Stop the currently playing process, if indeed there is one.

— Function: emms-player-simple-start filename cmdname params

Starts a process playing filename using the specified cmdname with the specified params.

— Function: emms-player-simple-sentinel proc str

Sentinel for determining the end of process for the process proc and the sentinel string str.