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10 Sources

Sources allow Emms to add and play tracks. Emms comes with a number of sources of its own. Sources are designed so that creating new ones will be easy.

For examples of Emms sources for files and directories see emms-source-file.el.

— User Option: emms-source-file-default-directory

The default directory to look for media files.

— Function: emms-play-find

Play all files in emms-source-file-default-directory that match a specific regular expression.

— Function: emms-source-file &optional file

An Emms source for a single file - either file, or queried from the user.

— Function: emms-source-files files

An Emms source for a list of files.

— Function: emms-source-directory &optional dir

An Emms source for a whole directory tree - either dir, or queried from the user

— Function: emms-source-directory-tree & optional dir

An Emms source for multiple directory trees - either dir, or the value of emms-source-file-default-directory.

— Function: emms-source-playlist file

An EMMS source for playlists. See emms-source-playlist-formats for a list of supported formats.

— Function: emms-source-playlist-native file

An EMMS source for a native EMMS playlist file.

— Function: emms-source-playlist-m3u file

An EMMS source for an m3u playlist file.

— Function: emms-source-playlist-pls file

An EMMS source for a pls playlist file.

— Function: emms-source-find &optional dir regex

An Emms source that will find files in dir or emms-source-file-default-directory that match regexp.

— Function: emms-source-file-directory-tree &optional dir

Return a list of all files under dir which match regex.

— Function: emms-source-dired

Play all marked files of a dired buffer

— Function: emms-source-file-regex

Return a regexp that matches everything any player (that supports files) can play.

— Function: emms-locate regexp

Search for regexp and display the results in a locate buffer