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28 Streaming Audio

Emms provides a friendly interface for managing and playing streaming audio in addition to the Emms playlist interface. The interface is defined in the emms-streams.el package and can be loaded by invoking:

     (require 'emms-streams)

The Emms interface for streaming audio is enabled by default in the `emms-all' and `emms-devel' setup levels. For more information about Emms setup levels see See Simple Setup.

Enter the emms-streams interface by invoking M-x emms-streams. The emms-streams interface comes with a built-in, eclectic list of streaming audio channels from throughout the Web. Emms can of-course play other streams than the ones listed by default, you are free to remove any or all of them and add your own.1

The following is a list of the key-bindings for the emms-streams interface:

Perform the default action when you press RET in the Emms Stream interface. Can be either “add” or “play”. The default is “add”, which adds the station under point to the Emms playlist. When emms-stream-default-action is “play” then Emms will play the streaming audio channel under point.
Quit the emms-streams interface.
Add a bookmark to a streaming audio URL to the list.
Remove a bookmark to a streaming audio URL from the list.
Edit the details of the bookmark under point.
Describe the emms-streams mode.
Move to the next line in the emms-streams buffer (same as C-n).
Move to the previous line in the emms-streams buffer (same as C-p).
Save the bookmarks in the emms-streams interface to disk. The bookmarks will be to the location designated in the variable emms-stream-bookmarks-file.
Return information about the streaming audio at the URL of the bookmark under point. Note that this will only work if the `emms-stream-info' has already been loaded.


[1] If you enjoy a particular streaming audio station on the Web and think that it belongs in the default list, please send us a link and we will gladly add it!