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9.1 User Variables

The core file defines a number of user variables.

— User Option: emms-player-list

A list of players Emms can use. You need to set this in order to use Emms to play media.

— User Option: emms-show-format

The format to use for emms-show. Any "%s" is replaced by what emms-track-description-function returns for the currently playing track.

— User Option: emms-repeat-playlist

Non-nil if the Emms playlist should automatically repeat the playlist. If nil, playback will stop when the last track finishes playing.

— User Option: emms-track-description-function

Function for describing an Emms track in a user-friendly way.

— User Option: emms-sort-lessp-function

A function that compares two tracks, and returns non-nil if the first track should be sorted before the second (see also sort).