What is Emacs ?

Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. This Editor is used to do a lot of things, from IRC to reading mails and news, along with "basic" editing, advanced macro, remote control, multimedia player, and so on..

This webpage is about EMMS, an Emacs "package" that you use to extend Emacs features to multimedia.

The cute EMMS logo

EMMS: Screenshots.

EMMS's appearance is customizable, and can range from a simple "now playing" notice when a new song starts, to a collection browser and interactive playlist.

forcer's minimalist EMMS:

The collection browser and playlist, with cover display, running on an xft-enabled emacs: (click for a bigger version)

Another screenshot of the browser, in "live" usage: (click for a bigger version)

Another "screenshot" from forcer's, that should be opened in a dedicated window, to feel all the power of EMMS.

William Xu's setup, I quote him : "emms playlist with last-played time, play-count, artist, title (tree-like for the same album) and various other info, and lyrics on the mode line. Fields in a row are (left to right): last played time, play-count, artist, (tracknumber, title), album, year, time. Basically, my configuration is focused on making full use of emms in a single playlist buffer."
His configuration for this setup can be found here