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GNU FisicaLab is an educational application to learning physics. FisicaLab allows students focus in physics concepts when solving problems, leaving aside the mathematical details. Currently it can solve problems about kinematics of particles, statics of particles and rigid bodies, dynamics of particles (all these in two dimensions) and some problems of heat and calorimetry. The intuitive use of FisicaLab and its extensive documentation, with a lot of examples, help the student to familiarize quickly with the application. However, the project need your help to add more features. The next release is planned to have modules for fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (power cycles), alongside features like read/save problems, filtering of factors in contextual menu and many others.

Free Software for education


Free software is important for education, to not enchain the students in using privative software packages. Using free software, schools and universities save money. But, most important, free software gives users the freedom to control their own computers. And encourages students to learn and share, they can make copies of the software to take home and to share with his friends. Read Why Schools Should Exclusively Use Free Software.

With your support, you will help to expand the range of problems to solve in FisicaLab, in adding new features, in the availability in other languages and in many other things. So help FisicaLab to reach 7k at March 31, to give students a chance of get an ethical education with free software.

Why PayPal?

Living in Guatemala I don't have many options with crowdfunding platforms. Some don't allow me participate, others imposes additional charges for people that don't live at certain countries. Anyway, at the end, all those platforms requires PayPal to transfer the money. Although PayPal don't offers the possibility to transfer money to Guatemala and I should use an additional service to achieve this.

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