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Quick Tour

Given a problem

[ A physics problem ]

Given a problem you should set a diagram of this at FisicaLab's chalkboard, adding the appropriate elements at this. [ Set the diagram ]

The elements in each module allows you build a wide range of problems. The documentation provides a lot of examples about how do this, with a full description of each element.

Adding data

Then add the corresponding data to each element in the chalkboard. [ An element data ]

There is a lot of conversion factors available in each module. You can add these factors manually using the character @ or with a contextual menu. Scientific notation is also allowed.

Solve the problem

Once added all the elements and data, click the solve button. [ Solve button ]

Get the solution

[ A FisicaLab solution ] Get the solution at text viewer, with corresponding dimension data. And, if necessary, other useful messages.


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