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You specify an outline in a BPL file as a sequence of straight lines and cubic splines, in any order:

(outline start-x start-y
  piece1 piece2 ...

start-x and start-y are realstrs which specify the initial position for drawing this outline. Each successive piece of the outline is relative to a current point, and also updates the current point.

At least one piece must be present. Each piece can be one of the following two properties:

  1. line x y. Draw a straight line from the current point to (x,y). Then set the current point to (x,y). x and y are realstrs.

  2. spline c1x c1y c2x c2y ex ey. Draw the Bezier cubic using the current point as the starting point, (c1x,c1y) and (c2x,c2y) as the control points, and (ex,ey) as the endpoint. Then set the current point to the endpoint. All coordinates are realstrs.

If the last point the last piece of the outline is not the same as the starting point, the result is undefined.