Font utilities

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13.1.1 Controlling XBfe

This section describes a few operations which do not directly involve editing, but rather managing of the editing session itself.

To exit XBfe, click on the `Exit' button. Any changes made since the last save are lost.

To save changes, click on the `Save' button. The new files are written in the current directory--unless that would overwrite the input files, in which case they are written to the directory `/tmp' (or the value of the environment variable TMPDIR, if it's set). When you exit XBfe normally, the files are moved from the temporary directory to your current directory, thus possibly overwriting the input.

To go back to the last saved version of a character you are editing, click on the `Revert' button. This is useful when you've made changes you didn't intend. If you exit without saving first, all changes (since the last save) will be lost, as mentioned above.

You can move to the previous character in the font, i.e., the one with the character code next smallest to the current one, by clicking on the `Prev' button. Similarly, you can move to the next character by clicking on the `Next' button. You can move to a specified character by typing its character code in the `Char' item and hitting RET. See section 3.3.3 Specifying character codes, for the various possibilities for character codes.