Font utilities

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13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing

You can change the left side bearing for the current character by typing the new value in the `lsb' item (and hitting RET, as always for information you type). Likewise for the right side bearing and the `rsb' item. The side bearing values must be integers.

XBfe shows a box with any kerns for the current character. Each item in the kern box looks like `code: kern', where code is the character code (in decimal) of the character kerned with, and kern is the kern distance (in pixels). You can edit the kern distances just as with the side bearings; the values here are real numbers.

You can add new kerns by typing the character code of the new kerned-with character in the `Add kern' item; then a kern item with that code is added to the kern box, with a distance of zero (which you can then change to whatever you want). Similarly, you can delete a kern by typing the character code in the `Del kern' item.