Font utilities

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14. BZRedit

BZRedit allows hand-editing of outline fonts in the BZR font format output by Limn (see section 10. Limn).

It is written in GNU Emacs Lisp, and thus works only inside GNU Emacs (see section `Top' in GNU Emacs Manual). It uses Ghostscript to display the character images, and thus you must have Ghostscript installed to use it. See section 2.2.1 Archives, for information on how to obtain GNU software.

BZRedit provides only a simple form of editing: you change the textual representation of the BZR font in an Emacs buffer; when you wish to see the image corresponding to the particular character you have been editing, you type an explicit command to tell Emacs to send the image in PostScript form to a Ghostscript subprocess.

BZRedit uses BPL format for the "textual representation". See section 12.1 BPL files, for the precise details on what BPL files contain; however, you will probably find them fairly self-explanatory.

A more featureful editor would allow interactive manipulation of the outlines, say via a mouse in an X window. It would also be useful to allow adding or editing of hints (additional commands which improve rasterization at low resolution and/or small sizes); right now, none of the programs do anything at all about hints.

14.1 BZRedit usage  Operating the editor.