Font utilities

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14.1.1 BZRedit installation

BZRedit is contained in the file `bzrto/bzredit.el'. Installation of the font utilities (see section 2. Installation) copies this file into a directory where Emacs can find it. But you still need to tell Emacs what functions `bzredit.el' defines. To do this, put the following definitions into either your own `.emacs' file (see section `The Init File: `.emacs'' in GNU Emacs Lisp Manual), if you are the only person planning to use BZRedit, or into the system initialization file `default.el' (see section `Summary: Sequence of Actions at Start Up' in GNU Emacs Lisp Manual), for a public installation:

(autoload 'bpl-mode "bzredit" "Mode for editing BPL files." t)
(autoload 'bzredit "bzredit" "Set up to editing a BZR file." t)

If you want the first function to be called automatically when you visit a file with extension `.bpl', you can add the following code to (presumably) the same file:

(setq auto-mode-alist
  (append auto-mode-alist (list '("\\.bpl\\'" . bpl-mode))))

If you do not do this, then to make the editing commands (described in the following sections) available you must type M-x bpl-mode after visiting a BPL file.