Font utilities

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15.2 Invoking GSrenderfont

This section describes the options that GSrenderfont accepts. See section 3.3 Command-line options, for general option syntax.

You must specify either `-font' or a single non-option argument, so GSrenderfont knows what font to work on. See the previous section for more details.

`-dpi unsigned'
Render the output at a resolution of unsigned pixels per inch; default is 300.

`-encoding scheme'
Read `scheme.enc' to define the encoding of the output font; default is `dvips'.

`-font FontName'
Render the PostScript font FontName (e.g., `Times-Roman').

Print a usage message. See section 3.3.2 Common options.

`-map filename'
Use filename for the filename-to-PostScript name mapping file; default is


`-output-file filename'
Use `filename.dpipk' for the final PK output.

`-point-size unsigned'
Render the output at unsigned points; default is 10.

Output progress reports.

Print the version number.