Font utilities

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3.3.4 Common option values

The programs have a few common conventions for how to specify option values that are more complicated than simple numbers or strings.

Some options take not a single value, but a list. In this case, the individual values are separated by commas or whitespace, as in `-omit=1,2,3' or `-omit="1 2 3"'. Although using whitespace to separate the values is less convenient when typing them interactively, it is useful when you have a list that is so long you want to put it in the file. Then you can use `cat' in conjunction with shell quoting to get the value: `-omit="`cat file`"'.

Other options take a list of values, but each value is a keyword and a corresponding quantity, as in `-fontdimens name:real,name,real'.

Finally, a few options take percentages, which you specify as an integer between 0 and 100, inclusive.