Font utilities

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5. File formats

These programs use various data files to specify font encodings, auxliary information for a font, and other things. Some of these data files are distributed in the directory `data'; others must be constructed on a font-by-font basis.

If the environment variable FONTUTIL_LIB is set, data files are looked up along the path it specifies, using the same algorithm as is used for font searching (see section 3.4 Font searching). Otherwise, the default path is set in the top-level Makefile.

The following sections (in other chapters of the manual) also describe file formats:

5.1 File format abbreviations  The alphabet soup of font formats.
5.2 Common file syntax  Some elements of auxiliary files are constant.
5.3 Encoding files  The character code-to-shape mapping.
5.4 Coding scheme map file  The coding scheme string-to-filename mapping.