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5.4 Coding scheme map file

When a program reads a TFM file, it's given an arbitrary string (at best) for the coding scheme. To be useful, it needs to find the corresponding encoding file. We couldn't think of any way to name our `.enc' files that would allow the filename to be guessed automatically. Therefore, we invented another data file which maps the TFM coding scheme strings to our `.enc' filenames.

This file is distributed as `data/'. See section 5.2 Common file syntax, for a description of the common syntax elements.

Each nonblank non-comment line in `' has two entries: the first word (contiguous nonblank characters) is the `.enc' filename; the rest of the line, after ignoring whitespace, is the string in the TFM file. This should be the same string that appears on the first line of the `.enc' file (see section 5.3 Encoding files).

Programs should ignore case when using the coding scheme string.

Here is the coding scheme map file we distribute:

adobestd 	Adobe standard
ascii		ASCII
dvips		dvips
dvips		TeX text + adobestandardencoding
gnulatin	GNU Latin text
gnulcomp 	GNU Latin text complement
psymbol 	PostScript Symbol
texlatin	Extended TeX Latin
textext		TeX text
zdingbat	Zapf Dingbats