Font utilities

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6. Imageto

Imageto converts an image file (currently either in portable bitmap format (PBM) or GEM's IMG format) to either a bitmap font or an Encapsulated PostScript file (EPSF). An image file is simply a large bitmap.

If the output is a font, it can be constructed either by outputting a constant number of scanlines from the image as each "character" or (more usually) by extracting the "real" characters from the image.

The current selection of input formats is rather arbitrary. We implemented the IMG format because that is what our scanner outputs, and the PBM format because Ghostscript can output it (see section 15. GSrenderfont). Other formats could easily be added.

6.1 Imageto usage  Process for extracting fonts from an image.
6.2 IFI files  IFI files supply extra information.
6.3 Invoking Imageto  Command-line options.