Font utilities

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7. IMGrotate

IMGrotate rotates an IMG file, either 90 or 180 degrees clockwise. We call the latter--somewhat inaccurately--a "flip". (We haven't needed other rotation angles, so we haven't implemented them.)

The IMG format is an image format output by a few programs, including the one that drives the scanner we have. (Again, we haven't needed other image formats, so we haven't implemented them.)

Both the input and output are IMG files.

The current implementation of IMGrotate uses an extremely slow and stupid algorithm, because it was a quick hack. It would be useful to replace it with a better algorithm. See section 16.2 Program features, for a reference.

7.1 IMGrotate usage  Doing the image rotation.
7.2 Invoking IMGrotate  Command-line options.