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7.2 Invoking IMGrotate

This section describes the options that IMGrotate accepts. See section 3.3 Command-line options, for general option syntax.

The name of the main input file (see section 3.3.1 The main input file) is called image-name below.

Rotate the input 180 degrees, i.e., flip it end for end and left to right. See section 7.1.2 Flip rotation.

Print a usage message. See section 3.3.2 Common options.

`-output-file filename'
Write to filename if filename has a suffix. If it doesn't, write to `filename.img', unless that would overwrite the input, in which case write to `xfilename.img'. By default, use image-name for filename.

Rotate the input 90 degrees clockwise. See section 7.1.1 Clockwise rotation.

Output progress reports. See section 3.3.2 Common options.

Print the version number. See section 3.3.2 Common options.