Font utilities

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8.1.5 Miscellaneous options

These options are the generic ones accepted by most (in some cases, all) programs. See section 3.3.2 Common options.

`-dpi unsigned'
The resolution of the main input font, in pixels per inch.

`-encoding enc-file'
The encoding file to read for the mapping between character names and character codes. See section 5.3 Encoding files. If enc-file has no suffix, `.enc' is appended. There is no default. Without an encoding file, the options listed in 8.1.2 Character selection options which take character specs will just complain if you supply character names, instead of character codes.

Print a usage message. See section 3.3.2 Common options.

`-output-file filename'
If filename has a suffix and if only one output file is to be written, write to filename. If filename has a suffix and you've specified options which imply more than one output file, Fontconvert complains and gives up.

If filename does not have a suffix, extend filename with whatever is appropriate for the output format(s). In the case of GF and TFM output, if this would overwrite the input, prepend an `x' to the output name.

By default, use the name of the main input font for filename.

Output progress reports.

Print the version number.