Font utilities

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9.2.7 fontdimen command

The fontdimen command defines a font parameter to be put in the TFM file. It has the form:

fontdimen fontdimen-name expr

where fontdimen-name is any of the fontdimen names listed in the section below, and expr gives the new value of the fontdimen, in pixels.

For example, `common.cmi' (see section 9.1 Charspace usage) makes the following definitions:

fontdimen quad designsize
fontdimen space .333 quad

This defines the fontdimen quad, which determines the width of the em dimension in TeX, to be the same as the design size of the font. (This is traditionally the case, although it is not a hard-and-fast rule.) Then it defines the fontdimen space, which is the normal interword space in TeX, to be one-third of the quad.

Because of the way that Charspace processes the CMI files (see section 9.2.8 CMI processing), if you redefine the quad fontdimen in another CMI file, the value of space will change correspondingly.

The section below lists all the TFM fontdimen names Charspace recognizes, and their meaning to TeX. TFM fontdimens  All the valid fontdimens.